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Let the photos speak for themselves!

People have always loved to look through photos of other people, to search for the story among the pictures and to try and discern the characters. Portraits reflect back essences and moods. It's not for nothing that they say faces are the mirrors of the soul.

Whether placed (staged) with a specific purpose or waiting for the perfect moment to catch by chance. Portraits are works of art. You're asking for a portrait which flatters you or would you rather be photographed once in a more crazy fashion? There are so many different forms of portrait photography – let us find out what you'd like the most. The important thing is that we emphasize your character, press the shutter at the right moment and concentrate on the essentials. We'll provide for you a relaxed atmosphere and will get to know you better. Your portrait will emphasise your character, it will reflect your soul and will tell parts of your life story.

Do you need your portrait for a business card? Perhaps on your homepage or in company documents? We will be there for you! We will help you to skilfully set the scene and the lighting deftly in a way suitable to your profession!

We will also come to you in your home or a place of your choice – our mobile studio makes that possible! Outdoor shoots can also produce great pictures and we can help in choosing the right location.

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